25th February 2018 – West Coast National Park Western Cape

A very full day visiting several hides in the West Coast National Park, 120 kilometres up the west coast from Cape Town.

We reached the lagoon at high tide and so most of the birds were quite distant but we visited other hides where the birds were much more accessible. I still can’t believe how the rock kestrel posed for us only a few yards from the car.

I look forward to some free time to identify some of the birds I haven’t got to grip with yet.

DSC00004Rock kestrel


DSC09954Cape bunting

DSC09963Cape sparrow

DSC09975Cape sparrow

DSC09984White-throated canary 

DSC09919African sacred ibis

DSC09894African sacred ibis


DSC09724Yellow-billed duck


DSC00109Lesser flamingo

DSC00081Lesser flamingo


DSC00160On the foreshore there were curlew sandpiper, bar-tailed godwits, sanderlings and a few other small jobbies.

DSC00191I’m sure I have seen this grey heron in Eastville Park

Click below for gallery of photos from today:


Travelog for Sunday 25th February

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