24th February 2018 – Rondevlei Nature Reserve

This morning we visited the Rondevlei Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Cape Town. We arrived at the same time as a very excited school group and thought that our visit might be a disaster but we had a wonderful time with good sightings of a good number of species.

There have been sightings of 231 different species at this reserve since it opened in 1952. I hope to be able to identify some of the birds we saw today in the next couple of days if I get a few minutes to myself but our social programme has been very busy and as yet have not had the time, although we did get quite a lot of help from a very friendly and helpful lady birder in one of the hides.

A few of my favourites from this morning with a gallery of the other photos at the end (the last few were from the playing fields of SACS College where we watched some cricket and had a braai with our South African (and French) friends,

DSC08813Karoo Prinia

DSC09083Cape wagtail

DSC09059Three-banded plover

DSC08892Pin-tailed Whydah

DSC08911Common waxbill


DSC08844Black-winged stilt and greenshank

DSC08992Avocet and black-winged stilt

DSC09172Great white pelican

DSC09175Great white pelican

DSC09348Blacksmith lapwing

DSC09312Glossy ibis

DSC09241Barn swallow


DSC09124Yellow-billed duck

DSC09558View across the reserve

DSC09573Sacred ibis



Click below for gallery of today’s photos:


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