Sunday 25th February 2018

We had a lovely family day with the Van Selms up the west coast. Barry drove Gregory, Pierre and myself and Alex took Wendy in her car.

DSC00225.jpgGregory and Pierre outside one of the hides.

We visited the West Coast National Park. We went bird watching in a number of hides (see bird blog for photos) and Gregory and Pierre were most enthusiastic about their bird watching and were very good at identifying birds from their bird book and the photos in the different hides. (see some of their photos from their trip.)

DSC00239.jpgThe walkway to one of the hides on the lagoon

DSC00242.jpgA view of the lagoon

DSC00026Looking back to Cape Town with the silhouette of Table Mountain

We had a lovely lunch at Langeban and then made our way back to Cape Town.

DSC00230The Van Selms and Wendy outside one of the hides


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