7th February 2023 – Somerset Levels

A day spent birding on the Somerset Levels is always a special treat. However, by midday I was beginning to think this might be the exception. However, the sun burnt through the mist by about one o’clock and I saw some lovely birds in the afternoon to go with the magically atmospheric scenery that I had seen in the morning.

I was disappointed that Catcott Lows was closed due to tree felling but I probably wouldn’t have seen much as it was still very misty.

On the approach roads I did manage to see very close up (but behind branches) a Common Buzzard and a Kestrel.

The approaches to Catcott Lows at 11 am this morning.

Common Buzzard

Silhouette of a Kestrel

I headed over to Westhay Moor.

The approach to the new hide at Westhay Moor

For most of the morning the view from the hide was more misty than this. Photo software is very clever at “dehaze”.

The best moment of the morning was when a bittern flew straight in front of me but by this time I had given up hope of taking bird photos.

Definitely a lot of use of “dehaze” to get this photo of a Common Snipe

Final views from Westhay

At this point I decided to move on to RSPB Ham Wall (and its toilets).

The sun had burnt through en route but the fields were still steaming

A Robin, the first bird to greet me at Ham Wall

You can’t have a Robin and not a Blackbird

Great White Egret from the viewing platform

From here on there were glorious reflections

Plenty of close ups of smaller birds

Northern Shoveler


Great Crested Grebe

Great White Egret

Great Crested Grebe

Slideshow of photos from today:

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