5th February 2023 – New Passage, Severn Estuary 2023

We had a fleeting visit to New Passage on the Severn Estuary this morning.

The tide was too low to see much and it was too cold to hang around. There was a flock of 30 oystercatchers stretched along the waters edge and a similar number of redshank where the pill met the waters edge. A single curlew filled the air with its beautiful call and drowned the sound of the wigeon on the water.


Oystercatchers and curlew



Further up the estuary we could make out a large flock of dunlin and shelduck.

There wasn’t much on the warth but it wasn’t surprising as a peregrine was quite evident sitting on a log dominating the area (but too far for my lens but with good views in the telescope).

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