3rd February 2023 – Stoke Park, Bristol

It’s been rather dull today but there were glimpses of sunshine when I walked through Stoke Park this afternoon.

I was too slow to get a photo of a Snipe so practised getting my eye in in with some Moorhens and Coots (definitely a soft option).



There were 39 Black-headed Gulls (more than I have seen here for a while – they must be here instead of on the lake at Eastville Park, as there were very few there a couple of days ago).

Black-headed Gull

Immature Black-headed Gull

Black-headed Gull chased by another

You can see why the Black-headed Gull was being chased

I saw Mallards mating – fairly precarious for the female.

Mallards mating

4 Cormorants flew in and then, presumably, made their way back to Eastville Park.



A solitary Mute Swan

Slideshow of this afternoon’s photos:

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