30th November 2020 – Dyrham Park NT

In order to get some good exercise and avoid people as much as possible we returned to Dyrham Park for a morning walk. Last week I was complaining that the light was so bright I had difficulty capturing decent photos. Well careful what you wish for. Today there was scarcely any light!

Fortunately by the time we had had our coffee sitting in the car in the car park the rain had stopped and we managed a walk down to the house, around the garden and back through the deer park without getting wet.

I was not anticipating taking any photos and missed the fallow deer running right in front the house as they moved from one area of the park to another. However it did encourage me to take my camera out of my bag and attempt to capture something of the English countryside in winter.

I could have had better photos of the deer if I had had my wits about me
A misty murky morning
Signs of Christmas appearing everywhere
There’s always a Christmas feel about a robin
This plant looked as though it was decorated with Christmas baubles

A pair of little grebe on the lake
The deer were moving through a narrow gap to another field
These two were rather young to cause much damage but you have to start somewhere
Welcome to Mud Island

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