2nd December 2020 – New Passage, Severn Estuary

It was very dull as we walked along the Severn Way from Severn Beach to New Passage and back, but at least we got back to the car before the rain set in.

There was very little to see until we reached New Passage where there were lots of waders. Unfortunately the tide was rather low by this point and the light was so dismal that there wasn’t much joy in photographing them in these conditions. For the record though we did see dunlin, redshank, black-tailed godwits, wigeon, little egret, curlew and plenty of oystercatchers. Back at Severn Beach there were pied wagtails. All in all we considered ourselves to be lucky rather than unlucky.

Loads of waders
The ostercatchers with their orange bills were the easiest to pick out
We could hear the curlew long before we saw it
The whistling wigeon were rather noisy too
This black-tailed godwit came a little closer
The red legs of the redshank could just be seen
No problem seeing the little egret
Oystercatchers were the best of the day
The pied wagtail at Severn Beach was certainly close enough

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