26th November 2020 – Dyrham Park NT

We are finding that the ancient deer park and garden at Dyrham Park is a great place to take some exercise during lockdown.

The National Trust in its overview says “A Ā£10-million project is underway to restore, revitalise and reimagine Dyrham Park, created in the 17th century by William Blathwayt. It is an early example of how a fortune made from empire was invested in a landed estate, transforming Dyrham into one of the most notable stately homes of its age. The 270-acre (110 hectare) ancient parkland is full of magnificent trees and breathtaking views …”

It was a gloriously sunny day but I found the harsh light was very difficult to take interesting photos and I was disappointed with most of what I took. Nonetheless, we really enjoyed our walk around the estate and gardens and were pleased to see a mistle thrush and the herd of wild fallow deer.

Dyrham Park house nestled at the bottom of the hill
The surrounding countryside was shrouded in mist
Deep shadows dominated the gardens
Mistle thrush
My favourite photo of the day
We didn’t see the deer at all on our last visit and so we were very pleased to get a view of them today

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