22nd April 2017 – Stoke Park

An explosion of blossom and ducklings at Duchess Pond in Stoke Park.


These are the first ducklings I have seen this year. There were 3 Mallards with 11, 10 and 3 ducklings. Does it mean the third one has already lost many of her brood?

FP5A0230Full steam ahead

FP5A0228A proud mum

FP5A0271Dad seems to have done all his work

FP5A0264I believe this is a St Mark’s fly – so named as it comes out about St Mark’s day (the 25th April) – also known as black gnats , hawthorn bugs, love bugs.


FP5A0255Only 1 Moorhen and 1 Coot on the pond … and a flyover Magpie …


FP5A0343All sorts of life feeling the warmth of the sun

FP5A0209A Speckled Wood butterfly

FP5A0198Just so cute 

Click below for all the photos from a short trip around the pond

One response to “22nd April 2017 – Stoke Park”

  1. The Herring Gull and the Lesser Black-backed Gull will scoop up ducklings by the crop full. That’s why they have so many, and the survivors are the fittest!

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