19th April 2017 – Eastville Park

Blossom in Eastvillle Park

It may have been a gloomy evening in Eastville Park but this horse chestnut flower was fully open on the 19th April

The Times in its “Weather Eye” on 20th April writes: “a great green wave is sweeping northwards through the country with leaves bursting open on trees in the great spectacular of springtime.”

It goes on to say that:

“Spring’s arrival now moves up the country at 1.9mph, rising from an average of 1.2mph between 1891 and 1947”

“The big, creamy white horse chestnut flowers standing proud like candelabras now come into bloom on April 29 on average, compared with May 6 between 1891 and 1947. Hawthorn is bursting into its snowy white blossom on April 29 compared with May 11.”



FP5A9985Blossom in Eastville Park on 4th April 2017

How lucky we are that the blossom has arrived even earlier this year in Eastville Park

It’s a fascinating article in The Times and well worth a read:


Not much bird life this evening. There are always Herring Gulls waiting for the ducklings to arrive (have they already taken the Moorhen chick reported in Steve Poulsom’s photo as I could only see a solitary Moorhen?) , and you can generally count on a Grey Heron. This evening as well as the Canada Geese there was also a Greylag Goose, plenty of Blue and Great Tits and a Wren (I think) in the gloom. I can’t  help hoping too that the single Mute Swan will soon find a mate.


A Greylag Goose has joined the Canada Geese

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