Sunday 4th March 2018

We left our accommodation in Camps Bay on Sunday (not kicked out as it was already pre-booked when we tried making our booking) and went and stayed the last few days with the Van Selms at SACS.


DSC02603Views of Camps Bay and the 12 Apostles as we left

They had invited us to stay longer but they are in the middle of their busy first term and, as much as we wanted to see them, we didn’t want to impose on their busy lives. However, we did appreciate spending both weekends and a fair number of other evenings with them and getting to know Gregory and Pierre better. On this Sunday we had a gentle day (just as well as we had had dinner with them at The Hussar Grill in Camps Bay on Saturday and we all needed a gentle day).

DSC02625The Van Selms house attached to the boarding hostel


DSC02619A couple of out-of-focus bird photos taken on their veranda (must be the fault of The Hussar Grill)

We walked down through the school (in its glorious setting in Newlands – near to the international cricket and rugby stadia) and had a coffee in a the local coffee bar.

DSC02627Magnificent trees all around the school grounds

DSC02632The main school building

DSC02636The assembly hall

DSC02639Wonderful views of Table Mountain from every where in the school


DSC02643Alex and Barry promoting the school brand


Even a chance for some bird watching – the vicious spotted thick-knee (Dikkop) in the school grounds 

I then visited a little more of the school with Barry the way back and then we had another lovely family braai (hope I have spelled it correctly this time Pierre).



DSC02654The assembly hall

DSC02660The staff common room

DSC02658The quad

DSC02657The importance of sport is evident everywhere

DSC02661A list of famous alumni – worth a look at on google

DSC02662Barry at his favourite pastime 



DSC02670The junior boarding hostel

In the evening we enjoyed another meal at home with some more of their friends (with a Bristol connection).


Monday 5th March 2018

Menu Cape Town February/March 2018

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