12-15th May 2023 – Pembrokeshire

We have had very limited opportunity to get out and about recently so it was a real treat to spend a few days last week at some friends who live in Pembrokeshire.

Although not a birding visit our friends were sympathetic enough to afford me plenty of opportunity to get some nature photos.

Our first evening we visited the Stack Rocks and The Green Bridge of Wales where we had great views of guillemots. There were also a few razorbills but they were mainly in the shade and difficult to photograph.

The Green Bridge of Wales on the Pembrokeshire Coast

The guillemot’s blue egg can just be seen

There’s always a scramble to be top bird on the stack

The sea was teeming with guillemots and razorbills

Safety in numbers?

Another day we visited The Gann near Dale and had more opportunity for sea birds.

Whimbrel on the mudflates near Dale

The Gann

Sanderling below the rocks at The Gann

A ruddy turnstone well camoflaged amongst the rocks

Back in the countryside there were lots more opportunities:

Thrush on the quay at Lawrenny

Barn swallow on the wire – a recent arrival from South Africa

Barn swallow in flight with fan tail

Barn swallow in flight taking a direct line

Great spotted woodpecker in the garden

Nuthatch in the garden

Chafffinch in the garden

The fox was happy to share the spoils with the birds

Grey wagtail at Stackpole

The only dismal day we had we still got to the coast. At St Martin’s, where you take the short boat trip to Skomer, the highlight was a gannet but the spring flowers were still quite stunning in the rain.


Skomer beyond the headland

Colby Woodland Gardens NT looked beautiful in the sunshine

The nearby hedgerows were full of cow parsley

Slideshow of photos taken over our stay:

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