14th March 2023 – Somerset Levels

The weather was kinder today and, although there was a fresh breeze throughout, it was sunny for most of the day. I visited 3 nature reserves on the Somerset Levels, about an hour and a half south from my home in Bristol.

At RSPB Catcott Lows a couple of wardens had just disturbed most of the birds as they made their way out to a pumping station to lower the water levels. I didn’t hang around but made may way to RSPB Greylake instead, only a further 6 miles on.

There was lots to see but most of the huge numbers of ducks were fairly inactive and not too bothered even by a couple of marsh harriers and a kestrel.

RSPB Greylake

A teal not taking a nap

The most interesting activity was a close-up little grebe and a small flock of curlew flying over.

Little grebe


I moved on to RSPB Ham Wall, about half a dozen miles back towards home.

It was relatively quiet here too. But its always a joy to be at Ham Wall (with booming bitterns and frequent sightings of marsh harriers) and eventually a couple of great crested grebe made my day as they became better acquainted.

View from the hide with Glastonbury Tor in the background

The squalls of wind were evident on the water

Grey heron breaks cover from the reed beds

Tufted duck


Nice to see a great tit other than on the garden feeders

Slideshow of today’s photos:

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