16th November 2021 – Near Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset

I had a very uneventful day birding near Weston-super-Mare. I started at the disused airfield in Weston which I had never visited before. There were lots of gulls (to be expected by the seaside), lots of starlings, a little egret, goldfinches, a meadow pipit and a pair of stonechats.

Little egret
Meadow pipit
Herring gull

I moved on to Uphill where I saw even less. Just another meadow pipit, a little egret and some teal.

Meadow pipit

In the afternoon I had a pleasant walk on Sand Point – I only saw a few stonechats but the light was so poor that I didn’t take any photos.

There will be better birding days!

3 responses to “16th November 2021 – Near Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset”

  1. In spite of it all, some nie photos, love that flying egret…gorgeous . I often see the larger variety on the levels , whilst cycling but as soon as I stop they go!! Easier in the USA where they come and sit beside you and have a good look at you!


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