1st October 2020 – Severn Estuary

With rain forecast for the next few days at least it was wonderful to take advantage of a sunny calm day along the Severn Estuary.

There are lots of speckled wood butterflies around at the moment

We started at New Passage and immediately saw a couple of little egrets flanked by dunlin fly out into the estuary.

Little egret flanked by dunlin
The wigeon were easy to pick out by their call

One egret continued its flight across the estuary whilst the other returned to “our” side. The dunlin settled further up the estuary. We then walked to Severn Beach where we saw 8 ringed plover and had a cup of coffee.

Ringed plover
A beautiful starling in the sun at Severn Beach
House sparrows in all the bushes around here
The Prince of Wales Bridge from Severn Beach
The Prince of Wales bridge from New Passage

When we returned to New Passage the tide had fallen a little too much but we could see a large number of waders on the shore line and enjoyed the beautiful views of the estuary.

Waders on the shore line with the first Severn Crossing in the background
Mixed group of waders
Mixed group of waders
Shelduck (mainly)
Northwick Warth and Aust Warth
Redshank chased by dunlin

I think that will be our last chance for a while.

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