27th September 2020 – Chew Valley lake, Somerset

It was a gloriously sunny morning but very fresh in the breeze; we thought it might be too cold to see bird migration at the seaside and headed south of Bristol to the Chew Valley and did some bird watching around the lake.

I have never seen so many egrets in one place
The lake was teeming with birds
The lake looked beautiful although, without being able to visit the hides, the access points are often busy and noisy with cars and motorbikes flashing past

It was pretty cold there too but we enjoyed a festival of large birds with lots of great white egrets, little egrets, grey herons and cormorants. I was too lazy to go for a walk (in fact I don’t like leaving my camera/lenses in the car and I didn’t fancy carting them around with me) and so we headed home and enjoyed the sunshine in the shelter of our garden. As we had visited Somerset we had a glass of cider – although that excuse could be used for many parts of the country.

Great white egrets often seem like prehistoric birds
Swan and cygnets

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