20th May 2020 – Stoke Park Estate, Bristol

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It was a beautifully sunny and warm morning and so we went over to Stoke Park early in the hope of beating the crowds. However, we clearly weren’t early enough, certainly not to beat the fisherman who were creating an almighty din by strimming the grass to a cinder and painting lines everywhere and thereby destroying the wildness of the area.

I did enjoy trying to photograph the swifts as they swooped across the water. We also saw what I think was a House Martin but we didn’t get much of a view and it could have been a swallow. I’ll wait for the real “birders” to let me know.









DSC08694Swifts over Duchess Pond

DSC08942House Martin?


DSC08889Canada geese and their goslings

DSC08902The damselflies were just coming out as we left





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