11th April 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

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The weather for the last few days has beeen fantastic. As I write it is 24 degrees C and I have had to come in out of the garden as, with very little breeze, it feels very hot indeed.

I have followed a routine by taking some photos in the morning but this afternoon a couple of buzzards flew over our garden and I couldn’t resist breaking my regime.

I have been surprised and pleased what opportunities I have had from our tiny urban garden.


DSC09114I have left some dandelions as the bees love them

DSC09136A flyover grey heron

DSC09207The vibernum is lasting well

DSC09159The bees love the aubretia too

DSCF0505Tulips have lasted so well but are beginning to go over now


DSC09275Who let those forget-me-nots in?

DSC08855Unfortunately our rosemary is being decimated by the Rosemary beetle


DSC08939The crab apple in the front garden is looking spectacular





DSC08981The magnolia is dwarfed by the crab apple

DSC09037The acer is beginning to provide cover for the birds

DSC09280Goldfinch in a neighbour’s garden

DSC09297Blue tit


DSC09333Foreign invaders in our garden – Spanish bluebells




DSC08780House sparrows mating

DSC08668Carrion crow posing on neighbour’s gatepost


DSCF0531A touch of Provence?

DSC09177Lily of the valley and it’s not the 1st May yet!

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