8th April 2020 – Self-isolating in Bristol

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Slideshow of some of my photos from the last two days. (If being viewed on an iPad you can pinch and stretch).

Three weeks in to lock-down and there is clearly a repetition in my blogs. My apologies, but trying to capture photos of wildlife from the boundaries of my home is doing the world of good for my mental stability and, for anyone who sees my blog, I hope others enjoy a little bit of digression from the worries of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic.

At least the weather has helped to lift moral and my photography has benefited from a little of the sunshine in the past two days, although this morning when I took most of my photos, it was still very grey.

DSC08322Carrion crow jumping for joy!

DSC08355…because he’s found a stash of chips (not ours!)

DSC08415Dunnock getting tarted up

DSC08509Blue tit about to move off

DSC08510Blue tit in flight




DSC08549Starling with party hat

DSC08560Bird on a wire

DSC08591Crab apple in front garden

DSC08594Bee on crab apple in front garden

DSC08604Crab apple


DSC08612Gull (I’m hopeless on gulls especially when I can’t see their backs or the colour of their legs)


DSC08628Neighbour’s magnolia lasting well

DSC08637Hover fly (well at least it was hovering)


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