27th February 2020 – Eastville Park, Bristol

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It may seem a bit mundane reporting on the same walk around Eastville Park but its all we had time for  and anyway there’s nearly always something interesting to see. Today’s highlight was definitely a tree creeper.

DSC02230Tree creeper

We heard, and generally saw, robins all round the park. Early on we saw a goldcrest (sadly no photo) near Fishponds Brook.

DSC01859A robin to greet us

DSC02241Another robin half way round

On the lake there was a grey heron, a coot, a couple of  moorhens, 6 mute swans, two Canada geese, lots of black-headed gulls and a couple of lesser black-backed gulls.


DSC01897Grey heron


DSC02024Mute swan

DSC01946Canada goose


DSC01937Black-headed gull

DSC01975Lesser black-backed gull

DSC01967A pigeon strutting its stuff


For the first time for a while we saw no cormorants but there were plenty of corvids, mainly crows and some jackdaws lurking in the trees and around the lake.

We saw the tree creeper along the River Frome. True to form it landed on the tree and made its way around the trunk out of sight. When it reappeared it hid frustratingly behind the small branches but then fleetingly gave me a chance to capture it. I’m sure my editing of the photos makes its stand out much more than we saw as its camouflage on the bark was quite amazing.



DSC02205Tree creeper

On the way home we saw a jay, lots of magpies and several wood pigeons.




The other pleasing sight was the celandine which was quite prominent in the sunshine




DSC02321A different robin to bid us farewell




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