25th February 2020 – Eastville Park, Bristol

Back to reality! I decided not to be a wimp and got out for a walk this morning. Light showers were forecast and I must admit it wasn’t raining when I left home. But when I arrived at the lake at Eastville Park it began to rain and continued to pour until I got home. Light shower indeed!

I caught a glimpse of a kingfisher but anything moving faster than a hovering black-headed gull didn’t get captured by my camera!

The only way I could make any of the birds look interesting was to try and get in close.

The highlight was being able to see the tawny owl on the island and a pied wagtail which followed me around the lake. A coot and a moorhen came close too. What did the robin find to be so cheerful about?

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DSC01661Tawny Owl

DSC01603Brightly coloured pigeon (it wasn’t the sun catching its plumage!)

DSC01742Pied wagtail

DSC01750Pied wagtail



DSC01792Black-headed gull




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