23rd August 2019 – Eastville Park, Bristol


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The weather has certainly bucked up today and it has been sunny and warm. Late in the afternoon we had a walk around our local park. In the full sunlight it was diffficult to pick things out but a Red Admiral butterflly and a couple of grey herons on the lake were easy enough (although difficult to photograph in the bright sunshine).

DSC08998Red Admiral



DSC09029Grey heron scrambling out of the lake having fished its supper

DSC09052Grey heron struggling to swallow its supper


On the way home we spotted three kingfishers flying round together near the weir. I then had the opposite challenge of trying to photograph them in the deep shade; likewise with three grey wagtails one of which was enjoying the challenge of a large beetle.

DSC09160European robin






DSC09291Grey wagtail devouring beetle



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