22nd August 2019 – Pilning Wetlands, Severn Estuary

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I was looking forward to going to Severnside today as I was anticipating seeing lots of waders but I was greatly disappointed especially as, even though reasonable weather had been forecast, it was in fact very gloomy and quite cold.

I saw lots of Canada Geese (well over 400), mute swans, black-tailed godwits (quite distant on the wetlands), goldfinch, starlings, pied wagtails, house martins and swallows and, I realised when I edited my photos, a flock of more than 30 curlews. There were a few butterflies too.

DSC08470Mute swans

DSC08511Canada geese

DSC08853Canada geese



DSC08918Black-tailed godwits

DSC08836Pied wagtail

DSC08705House martin


DSC08747A (rather faded) Painted Lady

DSC08780Common Blue



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