18th June 2019 – Walberswick National Nature Reserve

We enjoyed the company of friends from Norwich during the day but went for a walk in the early evening along the coast at Walberswick and back through Corporation Marshes.

Light rain was forecast but we thought the risk was worth taking.  It gradually got darker and darker and with ten minutes to go there was thunder and lightening; but we managed to reach the haven of our holiday accommodation before it tipped down.

Throughout the walk the light was poor and I have included photos only as a record; but it was amazing what we saw in the penumbra.

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When we reached the sea (North Sea) there was a pair of common eider which I had only ever seen before in the north of Scotland.

A little further on we saw an oystercatcher and then in the marshes a skylark, shelduck, an avocet, a cormorant, a pied wagtail, a grey heron, 3 little egret, four mute swans, a liitle grebe and some reed buntings and even heard the pinging of bearded tits. I also heard a kestrel calling and discovered it was right overhead, but by then the light was too poor for photographs. We didn’t see another person on our walk (probably all too sensible) but lots of wildlife. There are never many people here but always lots to see.

DSC06632Seaside pea

DSC06626A pair of common eider

DSC06636Gull with crab supper

DSC06668Shelduck and avocet


DSC06715Little egret

DSC06728Pied wagtail on the river


DSC06773Grey heron

DSC06799Reed bunting

DSC06809Reed bunting




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