17th June 2019 – RSPB Strumpshaw Fen


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Today we went to RSPB Strumpshaw Fen in Norfolk (about an hour up the coast from Walberswick). We were hoping to see (and photograph!) a Swallowtail butterfly for which the reserve is famous. Last year on a visit here I had seen one as soon as I got out of the car in the car park but never saw one again. Well this year we did the same trail (but in reverse) and struck lucky seeing one at close quarters.

We saw other butterflies and dragonflies and damselflies too. I shall have to get my charts out later to try and identify them but supper at the pub is now beckoning. (Now added but waiting, and hoping, to be corrected!)

DSCF3965Male swallowtail butterfly

DSCF4005Male swallowtail butterfly

DSCF4044Male swallowtail butterfly

DSCF3862Painted lady butterfly

DSCF3845Male brimstone butterfly

DSCF3883Painted lady butterfly

DSCF3902MaleĀ  banded demoiselle damselfly

DSCF3910Male black-tailed skimmer damselfly

DSCF3959Female four-spotted chaser damselfly

DSCF4125Male speckled wood butterfly

DSCF4218Male black-tailed skimmer damselfly


DSCF4251Male four-spotted chaser damselfly

DSCF4259Male red-eyed damselfly

DSCF4289Male large red damselfly

DSCF4294Male common blue damselfly

DSCF4298Male red-eyed damselfly



DSCF4234Marsh orchid

DSCF4237Ragged robin

DSCF4164Great crested grebe and offspring

DSCF3832Female blackbird

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