Birds of Southern Africa

I have spent some of my time in the last few days (whilst the wet and windy weather has not been conducive to getting out and about) cataloguing the birds I have seen on recent trips to Southern Africa. None of these trips have been specifically “bird watching”  trips but I have found plenty of time and opportunity to keep me fulfilled.

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Gallery of some of the birds I have seen recently in Southern Africa

Here are some of the links to pages I have created (which are also on the menu system under Additional Links):

My catalogue of Birds of Southern Africa.

Gallery of birds of the Western Cape

Slideshow gallery of the birds of Namibia and Zimbabwe

I have even found some photographs from 2011 (when I was not particularly interested in bird watching) – see Birds in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – March 2011

I am sure I have misidentified many birds and I even have a section of birds which I am still to identify. If you are able to correct me or assist me I would be very pleased to hear from you either through this WordPress Blog or by email

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