Birds of Southern Africa

I am in the process of cataloguing the birds I have seen on trips to South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe (2018 & 2019).

It is still a work in progress and I would be pleased for anyone to help me with this project by correcting any mistakes or filling in any gaps where I have been unable to identify birds.

All birds for 2018 were taken in or around Cape Town (I will try to be more specific in the future).

Order taken from:
Pocket Guide to Birds of Southern Africa
Burger Cillié
Ulrich Oberprieler

I have also used Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa (Commemorative Edition)  for identification purposes

Click on links to see each section. Photographs are samples from each section.

Group 1: Flying waterbirds

DSC00473Swift Tern (January 2018)

Group 2: Swimming and diving waterbirds

DSC00253Bank Cormorant (January 2018)

Group 3: Larger birds with long legs

DSC01917Western Cattle Egret (January 2018)

Group 4: Smaller birds with long legs

DSC02644Spotted Thick-knee (January 2018)

Group 5: Gamebirds (Fowl-like birds)

DSC02345Helmeted Guineafowl (January 2018)

Group 6: Birds of prey (raptors)

DSC00016Rock Kestrel (January 2018)

Group 7: Fruit-eaters

DSC08087Knysna Turaco (January 2018)

Group 8: Birds with long straight bills

no entries yet

Group 9: Birds with long decurved bills

Southern yellow-billed Hornbill (Etosha National Park – January 2019)

Group 10: Aerial insectivores

DSC01535Barn Swallows (January 2018)

Group 11: Insectivores

Group 11a: Insectivores with stout bills

DSC01873White-necked Raven (Standfontein Birding Area – January 2018)

Group 11b: Insectivores with medium-sized bills

DSC01884Long-billed Pipit (January 2018)

Group 11b: Insectivores with tiny bills

DSC00796Karoo Prinia (January 2018)

Group 12: Seed-eaters

DSC08889Pin-tailed Whydah (January 2018)

Still to be identified

dscf4168(Etosha National Park, Namibia – January 2019)

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