Birds of Southern Africa Group 2: Swimming and diving waterbirds


DSC08547Cape Cormorant (January 2018)

DSC08583Cape Cormorant (January 2018)

DSC00253Bank Cormorant (January 2018)

DSC07994Bank Cormorant (January 2018)

DSC00603African Penguin (January 2018)

DSC00404African Penguin (January 2018)

DSC01769Great White Pelican (January 2018)

DSC01794Great White Pelican (January 2018)

DSC09836Yellow-billed Duck (January 2018)

DSC09724Yellow-billed Duck (January 2018)

DSC07527Egyptian Geese  (January 2018)

DSC00823Egyptian Geese (with Common Greenshank) (January 2018)

DSC01546Spur-winged Goose (January 2018)

DSC07557African Black Duck (January 2018)

Cape Teal (January 2018)

DSC00946Common Moorhen (January 2018)

Photos to be added

Little Grebe (January 2018)

Red-knobbed Coot (January 2018)

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