27th February 2019 – Sand Point, North Somerset


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With the last of the amazingly unseasonable weather forecast for today we decided to go to the seaside. Not the normal sort of seaside but the lovely peninsula of Sand Point on the Bristol Channel (only 30 miles from home).

The National Trust website describes it as follows:

The stunning stretch of coastline around Sand Point and Middle Hope sits north of Weston-Super-Mare. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of North Somerset, and it’s a wonderful place for a picnic, as the views are spectacular.

And so we took a picnic (or at least a few sandwiches and some fruit from the local  supermarket).

We were so confident of the weather that neither of us took a coat. And so good was the weather (sunny all day and at least 16 C – as high as the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain) that as I write this blog I can even feel the effects of sunburn on my face

DSC09145No coats needed today

I was surprised that I did not see much vegetation to reflect the lovely weather (as I had seen in our local urban park the day before) but I suppose this peninsula is generally very exposed to the elements and nature knows what’s best for itself. Nor were there many birds but fortunately we did see a pair of stone chats and 2 rock pipits and regularly heard skylarks. At sea there were a pair of herring gulls and a dozen or so black-headed gulls. The only thing to reflect the warm weather was a Red Admiral butterfly (much too quick for my photographic skills).

DSCF7715The sea looked like the Mediterranean

DSC09153Wonderful sunshine all day, but misty at sea; so we were deprived the views of South Wales

DSCF7733A herring gull was the first bird we saw

DSCF7745Mr Stonechat

DSCF7746Mrs Stonechat

DSCF7775One of two rock pipits

DSCF7762Rock pipit

DSCF7816Black-headed gull

Back at the (sheltered) car park there was a blue tit feeding off a tree which was beginning to blossom.




DSCF7893Catkins at the car park

DSCF7852Gorse on the peninsula




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