26th February 2019 – Stoke Park, Bristol

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Record temperatures for February were recorded in Britain today at over 20 degrees. I only had a brief walk across to the local park and there was lots of evidence of an early spring with the blackthorn looking really special.

I didn’t see many birds but I saw later in the day that lots had been spotted. I must have been idling in the sun.

IMG_5086It looks inviting, doesn’t it? You have to walk under a motorway though.

DSCF7626It’s hard to believe it is only February.




DSCF7697The blackthorn blossom is beautiful

DSCF7680The bull rushes were spreading their seeds in the gentle breeze

DSCF7646The Canada Geese were enjoying the sun too although they were occasionally agressive to each other.

IMG_5085The trees know it’s only February – no signs of buds yet



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