1st February 2019 – Strandfontein birding area


Our last few days in and around Cape Town were spent visiting friends and doing tourist activities. However, we did manage to pack in one more trip to the birding area at Strandfontein. It was a last minute decision and we didn’t even have binoculars with us (although I did have a camera!) but once again we had lovely close-up views of the birds. The best were barn swallows, African black oyster catchers and African sacred ibis.



DSC07611Barn swallows


DSC07713African black oystercatchers



DSC07424African Sacred Ibis


DSC07388Black-winged stilts

DSC07371Pied avocet

DSC07557Great white pelican

DSC07514Southern Masked Weaver

DSC07395Spur-winged goose


DSC07744Greater flamingos

DSC07361Cattle egret

DSC07794Hadeda ibis

DSC07496Cape Wagtail

Click below for gallery of photos.


2 thoughts on “1st February 2019 – Strandfontein birding area

  1. Nice photos! I’ve never been to Strandfontein, but I regularly hear of vagrants being reported from there. I should have went while still living in South Africa;)!
    P.S. The bird you question marked is a Southern Masked Weaver and the one you called flycatcher is a Cape Wagtail.


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