21st November 2018 – Cherington, Gloucestershire

Well the weather really has changed. As we drove to see some friends at Avening in the Cotswolds it began to snow. It didn’t come to anything but it was enough to make us realise the seasons are moving on.  We had a pleasant little walk from Avening through the hamlet of Nag’s Head towards Cherington. As we passed Cherington Lake in the woods we saw a couple of little grebe which prompted me to write this blog. The light was very poor but we could certainly make out the little grebes, one with a fish almost as large as the one I had for my lunch at the excellent Ragged Cot on our way to Minchinhampton  Common.

The first winter look

Holes for the bees in this house in Nag’s Head

DSC04387Cherington Lake – 2 mute swans and a few mallards in the distance (honest)

DSC04425_12 little grebe take centre stage from the mallards

DSC04396Little grebe with fish

DSC04444We needed to find a pub where these would be put to good use on a roaring fire

Click below for gallery of photos from this morning (in very dull light which demonstrated how lucky I have been with the light recently).


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