19th November 2018 -Eastville Park

It was much colder this morning as I walked around our local park. I was soon cheered as the first bird I saw was a dipper (which I hadn’t seen for a while) on the River Frome. It was joined by a grey wagtail which was well camouflaged amongst the leaves on the river.






A little further along the river there was a grey heron and then another on the lake.

DSCF9494Grey heron on the river

DSCF9497Grey heron on the river

DSCF9502Grey heron on the lake

DSCF9595Grey heron on the lake

I was lucky again to catch sight of a kingfisher, although this morning I only managed to see it on the one occasion.





The tawny owl was not in its box but as Andrew (from the Frome Fairies) was clearing the detritus of fishing paraphernalia from on and around the island it wasn’t surprising. I was pleased to spend some time chatting with him when he paddled (very skilfully) across the lake to see me. I also enjoyed spending some time chatting with Nigel and his little dog, both of whom I hadn’t seen for a while. He told me of all his recent sightings of otters and showed me the spot where he had seen them. Luckily the sun came out when I was at the lake and, as well as chatting a lot, I took a few shots of the lake which is still surprisingly colourful.






Click below for a gallery of my photos from this morning:


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