16th October 2018 – Westleton Heath and RSPB Minsmere

It’s been an amazing day in Suffolk today; not so much for the birds but for the wonderful weather which has been hot (well into the 20s) and sunny all day. In fact it has been quite hard work traipsing around with heavy camera equipment. Not that I am complaining as we were treated to the sight of some very secretive birds –  stone curlews.

We had looked for them on Westleton Heath on Sunday in dismal conditions but had had no success. We returned again this morning and found that we had been looking in totally the wrong place. This time we could see at least seven. However, it was very difficult to get decent photos as we were looking directly in to the sun.




MT1D7416Stone curlews in to the sun

We then went on to RSPB Minsmere where we had probably the least productive time in all of our numerous visits to this great reserve. The only real success was seeing 2 bearded tits (no photos), the first winter ferruginous duck and a quick glimpse of a stonechat.



MT1D7457The ferruginous duck when it wasn’t diving

MT1D7466A rear view of a stonechat

MT1D7467The stonechat makes its exit


MT1D7479Brent geese chased by cormorants

MT1D7480Brent geese



MT1D7465Grey heron

On our way home we decided to return to Westleton Heath for the stone curlews as the sun would have moved around. Full of anticipation we arrived in perfect conditions only to find that the stone curlews now wished to camouflage themselves as well they can. Who said birding was easy anyway?

MT1D7525Our view of the stone curlews in the afternoon sun!

On closer inspectionMT1D7523



Click below for gallery of today’s photos:


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