15th September 2018 – Chew Valley Lake

A pleasant trip to Chew Valley Lake today chatting to other birders and seeing a few birds from a distance at Herriotts Bridge and Herons Green.

MT1D7073Great white egret on the lake from Herriotts Bridge

MT1D7121Great white egret on the other side of the road

MT1D7127Hobby at Herriotts Bridge

MT1D7128Hobby at Herriotts Bridge

MT1D7158Peregrine at Herons Green

MT1D7159Peregrine at Herons Green

MT1D7210Buzzard at Heron’s Green

MT1D7222Buzzard at Heron’s Green

MT1D7227Immature black-headed gulls having a drink at Herons Green

Click below for gallery of today’s photos:

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