10th September 2018 – Majorca

Following some very heavy overnight thunderstorms we started the day with a visit to the smaller nature reserve of S’Albefuereta just north of Alcudia and then, after lunch, we returned to S’Albufera. It was extremely humid and most of the hides were quite unbearable. Perseverance was rewarded with good views (and some good shots) of black-winged stilts, spotted redshank, green sandpiper, spotted flycatchers, purple and grey herons  and even an avocet.

DSC02359Spotted flycatcher


DSC02418Marsh harrier

DSC02541Glossy ibis

DSC02600Black-winged stilt

DSC02641Spotted redshank

DSC02662Spotted redshank

DSC02663Green sandpiper

DSC02665Green sandpiper

DSC02661Spotted redshank and black-winged stilt

DSC02565Spotted flycatcher

DSC02574Purple heron with grey heron behind

DSC02670The ubiquitous little egret


DSC02485A kite (not the avian sort)

Click below for gallery of photos from today







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