25th August 2018 – Somerset Levels

When you haven’t had much luck with your bird photos surely the best place to go is the Somerset Levels which rarely disappoints.

IMG_2224.jpgAvalon marshes with Glastonbury Tor in the background

Today was a much fresher day but it was really beautiful at RSPB Ham Wall and Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve. We were often sheltered from the fresh breezes but fully benefited from the sunshine.

MT1D6817-3Close up of a buzzard



MT1D6891Great white egret

MT1D6906The skirmish between marsh harrier and buzzard


MT1D6642Juvenile great crested grebe


MT1D6918Great white egret

MT1D6899Even the mallards looked their best in the sunshine

At RSPB Ham Wall we enjoyed the frequent sight of great white egrets and little egrets and then were entertained by the scuffle between marsh harriers and a buzzard. But the most exciting moment was at Shapwick Heath where we saw an osprey fly in with its supper and pose confidently on its post and devour its prey.







MT1D7029Osprey with its supper

The journey there and back was also a sheer delight through the British countryside at its best.

Click below for gallery of photos from today



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