23rd August 2018 – New Passage, Severn Estuary

It’s been over a month since I have done a bird blog due to other commitments and a lack of opportunity; even on the odd occasions I have been out birding  I have failed to produce a blog due to there being few birds or having poor photos. However, I spent a pleasant morning today at New Passage on the Severn Estuary and at Pilning Wetlands.

The tide was a little too low for good photos but with my telescope I did get good views of  plenty of waders on the mud (mainly black-tailed godwits, redshank, oystercatchers, a little egret  and a curlew. I’m sure real birders would have noticed more but I’m more and more convinced I’m a photographer having a go at birding.




DSCF3334Good to catch the yellow feet of the little egret







DSCF3172Curlew amongst the black-tailed godwits

When I moved to the wetlands I could see yellow wagtails by the cattle on Northwick Warth but, looking in to the sun, it was difficult to make out much, except for some pied wagtail amongst the Canada geese.

DSCF3542Yellow wagtail to the right of the cow



A lovely morning though in the sunshine and with very little breeze.

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