21st May 2018 – Stoke Park and Eastville Park Bristol

Another lovely walk in Stoke Park and then down in to Eastville Park, this time through the eyes of a different camera and lens (Fuji X Pro 2 and 55 -200 mm lens).



I had good views of a grey heron in flight at Duchess Pond in Stoke Park and common swifts swooping across the lake. Plenty of ducklings and chicks en route. Eastville Park was so quiet and peaceful; I can’t start to imagine what the wildlife will make of this weekend’s pop festival.


DSCF0852Grey heron

DSCF0903Common swift

DSCF0910Female mallard and ducklings

DSCF0935Yellow flag iris


DSCF0989I think this could be water mint …

DSCF0993… and this water horsetail

DSCF0939Not so sure about spiders

I enjoyed seeing more insects and especially damsel flies although I was not lucky (not very good) with butterflies. The trees with lots of blossom and seeds are looking particularly magnificent and water lilies are appearing on the ponds.

DSCF1259Beautiful demoiselle in Eastville Park

DSCF1251Large Red Damselfly on the River Frome


DSCF1222Yellow water lilies


DSCF1200Canada geese on Eastville Park


DSCF1169Corvids everywhere

DSCF1138The muscovy duck in Eastville Park may be pretty ugly but it has got a beautiful plumage

DSCF1135Common comfrey in Eastville Park


DSCF1125This stunning tree on the edge of Purdown must be some sort of willow


Click below for gallery of photos from this morning:


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