14th May 2018 – Stoke Park and Eastville Park Bristol

The countryside in Britain is exceptionally beautiful at the moment and so too are the parks close to home in urban Bristol.On an exceptionally sunny day I went out for a walk from home in the hope of doing some bird photography but soon realised that I had the wrong camera/lens as it was the trees and the landscapes which I needed to be photographing. I tried to make do.

MT1D5593The path in to Stoke Park from Stapleton

MT1D5603Moorhen with chicks on the small pond next to Duchess Pond

MT1D5623The small pond and then Duchess Pond with views of the restorative work being done in the background

MT1D5631A grey heron on the flooded part of Stoke Park (hard to imagine today that we have had so much rain)

MT1D5636This grey heron was clearly more nervous than the ones in Eastville Park and flew off in the direction of Filton imagining itself to be Concorde

MT1D5625All the blossom was looking amazing

MT1D5658Buttercups are now at their best

MT1D5673Dandelions have had their day

MT1D5648… or have they?

MT1D5655Red Clover standing out amongst the greens and yellows

MT1D5654The Dower House which dominates this part of the city looking better for being shrouded with trees

MT1D5664A view from the top of Stoke Park with the houses (including ours) hidden by the trees

MT1D5667A glorious place for a stroll so close to the city



MT1D5697… or to fly your kite

MT1D5729… or to see the verdant suburb below


MT1D5681Wide open spaces just to stroll right next to a housing estate

MT1D5662Lots of butterflies (here a small copper) everywhere

MT1D5733My lens certainly couldn’t do justice to the trees of Eastville Park justice.

MT1D5740And really I was too close for these Canada geese with chicks

MT1D5736… or at least that’s what these two protective parents felt.

MT1D5756A duckling living perilously on its own

MT1D5770A more tolerant grey heron here in Eastville Park


MT1D5776Volunteers have done wonders controlling these along the River Frome

MT1D5778Still lots of ramsons to be seen

MT1D5779You don’t want to get confused with these type of plants – probably cow parsley but could be poison hemlock

MT1D5782The best of them all: the candles of the horse chestnut

MT1D5786Beech tree

MT1D5784Herb Robert (but I think this is Red Campion?) was the most observed species in the recent first global City Nature Challenge (see link below)

Perhaps it’s not so surprising that Bristol and Bath were best in Europe for first global City Nature Challenge


Click below for gallery of photos from my walk today:

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