8th April 2018 – Blashford Lakes, Hampshire

We stopped off at Blashford Lakes in Hampshire on our way to a non-birding short break in the New Forest (that must be an oxymoron). We enjoyed the walk around the lakes on a very damp and murky afternoon even though the photographic opportunities were limited. The best came right at the beginning in the Tern Hide where we had close-up views of a little ringed plover, a redshank and a lapwing.


FP5A6104Little ringed plover



We could also see a pair of great crested grebe, lots of shovelers, tufted ducks and indeed (to give credence to the name of the hide) a common tern.

FP5A6146Great crested grebe


FP5A6254Common tern

As we made our way round to the Goosander and Lapwing Hides we saw little grebe, garganey and wigeon but at some distance and in very poor light (i.e. excuse for poor photos).

FP5A6188Little grebe


FP5A6168Garganey in the middle 

FP5A6170Not sure about this little chap but probably a chiffchaff

Despite the conditions there were some signs of spring


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