27th February 2018 – Camps Bay

This was to be a non “nature” day but there were a couple of things of interest on our walk through Camps Bay this morning.

We have only ever seen dassies on the top of Table Mountain so it was interesting to see them on the boulders in Camps Bay  at the bottom of Table Mountain.

One of the most unbelievable facts about Table Mountain’s dassies is that they are the closest related relatives to elephants. Despite the enormous difference in size between the two, research has claimed the dassie is the African elephant’s closest living relative. (see article)




DSC00760We saw several dassies in this bay at Camps Bay 

I’m not sure what these terns are in the photo but (having read the following article http://nemesisbird.com/birding/bird-sightings/common-gulls-and-terns-of-south-africa/) can guess at sandwich terns.




Travelog Tuesday 27th February 2018

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