22nd February 2018 – Hout Bay

In the morning we had a very pleasant walk along the beach at Hout Bay where we saw a number of gulls and a very small cormorant-like bird diving in very shallow water and a single swallow (one swallow doesn’t make a summer but it’s definitely summer here).

DSC07994Bird photographer in local camouflage at Hout Bay




DSC07903Bank cormorant

We had enjoyed a very pleasant breakfast at Hout Bay and, not feeling like lunch, we made the silly mistake of visiting The World of Birds in the hottest point of the day.

We had doubts about seeing caged birds but as this is very much a bird sanctuary we thought it would be worthwhile. We believed we were nearing the end (literally) after cages 17 and 18 but discovered this was only the first section and that in all there were over 150 cages.

Here are photos of a few of the 400 species that can be seen at The World Birds from our (exhausting) visit.


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