1st February 2018 – Northwick Warth, Severn Estuary

I was the only person at Northwick Warth this morning and it wasn’t really surprising as it was bitterly cold. However, there was plenty of bird action to maintain my interest and encourage me to stay.

There were large flocks of wigeon, dunlin and redshank and 3 oystercatchers on the water’s edge, 50+ curlew and 40+ shelduck on the warth (warth is an old or dialect word for a river bank or a flat meadow beside a river or estuary especially along the Severn estuary).


MT1D2800Redshank and dunlin

MT1D2819Dunlin in flight


MT1D29132 redshank and a dunlin

MT1D2928A wigeon escaped the flock

MT1D2939Mixed flock of wigeon and dunlin

MT1D3141Oystercatchers join the dunlin and redshank

MT1D32002 curlew in flight

MT1D3210Oystercatcher and a dunlin


MT1D3337Redshank in flight

MT1D3382Dunlin in flight

MT1D3443Curlew flying with dunlin

MT1D3469Flock of dunlin


MT1D3506Mixed flocks

And a few others before driving home:



MT1D3530House sparrow (male)

MT1D3541House sparrow (female)

Click below for gallery of photos from this morning:

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