23rd January 2018 – Eastville Park

Eastville Park in the rain in winter is more about fungi and lichen but this afternoon I saw the first celandine of the year and the yellow theme was maintained when a grey wagtail came close and brightened up a miserable afternoon. Through the gloom the catkins also looked quite a picture.





MT1D2544MT1D2550MT1D2549MT1D2548MT1D2547Grey wagtail

You would think it would be all about ducks on a day like today (and there were quite a few)  but there were plenty of other things to see and (try and) photograph.

MT1D2554Black-headed gull

MT1D2562Mute swan

MT1D2566Canada goose


MT1D2571Herring gull

MT1D2572Herring gull


MT1D2577Long-tailed tit

MT1D2581Long-tailed tit

MT1D2589Grey heron



MT1D2614Female mallard – the special one

The rain was quite persistent and I was quite glad to get home.



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