2nd January 2018 – Eastville Park

There was persistent rain in the morning but fortunately there was a little window of opportunity with the weather to get out this afternoon (back on home territory in Eastville Park); however, it was quite dark and, although my young companion and I managed to spot 2 male kingfishers regularly around the lake, it was difficult to get clear photos. But never mind eh! Oli enjoyed the afternoon pointing out the kingfishers to people who had never seen one and enjoyed chatting to Cliff.

MT1D0948One of the two male kingfishers at the lake today




MT1D0968One of six cormorants at the lake


MT1D1008The grey heron spent an awful lot of time looking but never took the plunge.

MT1D0934Thought this photo of a squirrel might be the best nature photo of the day at one stage.

Oli’s photos  on his page.


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