12th October 2017 – Walberswick National Nature Reserve

This morning’s walk around Walberswick National Nature Reserve was quite stunning.

At the beginning we saw a Red Admiral and at the end a Common Darter: in between a marsh harrier being harassed by a gull and lots of bearded tits (mainly heard, fleetingly seen but not photographed). The highlights were ringed plovers, dunlin, a pair of stonechats, goldcrest and even a morning murmuration of starlings.



Red Admiral

FP5A5538Common Darter

FP5A5330You can’t get away from the pheasants around here

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A morning murmuration of starlings

FP5A5368Ringed plover and a dunlin


FP5A5371Ringed plovers

FP5A5413Ringed plovers in flight

FP5A5450Pied Wagtail


FP5A5493Greylag geese

FP5A5353Little egret


FP5A5514Black-tailed godwit and possibly 2 dunlin

FP5A5543Great tit


Looks promising for tomorrow:


Click below for gallery of photos from this morning’s walk (also featuring the golf course we played in the afternoon!).




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