11th October 2017 – RSPB Minsmere

Not much different to see at RSPB Minsmere today from the previous days, but as it was very windy there were no signs of the bearded tits.

The additions of note were a hobby, a kestrel, a snipe and greylag geese.

As well as windy it was quite dull for most of the day except for a brief window of sunshine later in the afternoon – in other words I’m searching for excuses for the paucity of my photos.


FP5A4961Stonechat on the beach



FP5A5038A distant kestrel

FP5A5119Muntjac deer


FP5A5223Curlew meets black-tailed godwit

FP5A5229Male and female teal

FP5A5270Greylag geese


FP5A5158Grey heron

FP5A5148Mute swan

Click below for gallery of today’s photos:






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