Tuesday 6th March 2018

Although we were flying back to the UK on Tuesday evening we still wanted to fill our day as much as possible.

We drove to the V & A Waterfront (the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront – named after Queen Victoria’s second son Alfred see Wikipedia article ) where we had a (much more expensive than yesterday) breakfast in sumptuous surroundings (well it was our last day).





We did a little shopping, but made our way back to SACS late morning. We walked through the school again and went for lunch in the same small cosy suburb (as The Importers Coffee Bar yesterday) in Newlands. We had quite a choice of restaurants (and it was only a few hundred yards down from The Foresters Arms) but chose The Barristers which was packed out with a wide clientele (even though it seemed very much a rugby bar).

AEDFCE8F-AD67-43E7-8B3F-8FCC70A7FA14SACS Prep cricket field 

After lunch we went back to SACS to pack and were very pleasantly surprised to find Alex, who had popped back from school to say goodbye. The boys were then soon home, so we could spend a few more moments with them; and we even managed to see Barry (dashing between functions) to say our goodbyes.

Even the journey through the Cape Town traffic, with the thousands of minibuses (to which we gave a very wide berth) transporting people home to the townships, was quite an experience.

The hire car was returned efficiently and a cheery porter helped us with our bags, which was very welcome as it was quite a way to the terminal.

A really fantastic holiday with a fabulous blend of bird watching, relaxing (I initially used the word “chilling” here but could see that was inappropriate with the superb weather we had) by the seaside, doing many of the top tourist spots and most importantly spending time with great friends. Until the next time …


Welcome back to Mud Island (as the South Africans refer to Britain) – the rainy view when we arrived back at Heathrow. To be fair to our Fair Isle the rain cleared up and we did have a nice sunny but cold day.


Menu Cape Town February/March 2018




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